Mission, Vision and Values

A. Mission
Smithers Fellowship Baptist Church exists to glorify God by bringing lost people to Christ and Christians toward spiritual maturity


B. Vision

The vision of the Smithers Fellowship Baptist Church is to be:

  • A church which is actively seeking for people to come to know Jesus Christ through outreach and involvement in the community. 
  •  A church where attenders can experience warm community, mutual care and spiritual growth, and where they can be given an opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts
  • A church where God is glorified through vibrant worship and communal prayer
  • A church where administration achieves excellence in such areas of building maintenance and financial control


C. Values

  • We value God's Word: we believe that God's Word is as essential to the life of a Christian as food and drink
  • We value prayer: believing that it is only through God's Spirit moving in the lives of the people impacted by our church that true ministry takes place. Prayer is an essential part of all efforts made by this church
  • We value outreach and growth: we believe that we should reach lost people for Christ and see them achieve spiritual maturity as obedient disciples
  • We value youth and families: we believe that all members of God's church matter to God; but we recognize that we have a particular responsibility to attract and come alongside youth and families and help them to put Christ at the centre of their lives
  • We value small groups: we believe that small groups provide the best venue for authentic sharing, intimacy, encouragement and the application of God's Word
  • We value worship: we believe that true worship together as a family brings us into a deeper walk with our Lord and brings glory to His name
  • We value excellence: we believe that we should do all things to the best of our ability, in His strength and for His glory
  • We value warmth: we believe that any stranger in our midst should feel welcome and incorporated into our fellowship
  • We value making a difference in our community: we believe that we should make our community a better place in which to live. We should be a church that  builds bridges to our community and asks 'whose lives are different because of this church
  • We value spiritual gifts: we believe that God has gifted each of us in different ways such that the church as a whole can grow and develop as we serve and build each other up as a body


For information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches Pacific, click here: http://www.febpacific.ca